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Black Loch Fishery Terms & conditions

The following rules are set out to enhance your enjoyment and ensure your safety.  Please help us by keeping to these rules and ensuring that others do too.

Cancellation Policy

Any booking cancellations must be made to us at least 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE or a cancellation fee of £30 per boat must be paid.

General Terms of Usage


Fly fishing only.
No fish finders
Once an angler has caught his limit, catch and release is allowed for a further 5 fish only.
Bag limits and finishing times must be adhered to strictly. All catch returns, including nil returns, must be recorded in the box provided
Anglers who reach their limit catch may not catch additional fish to assist a less successful angler in attaining their limit.
Life-jackets can be issued to all anglers using a boat. These must be signed for and worn at all times in the boat. It is our policy that every angler must wear a life preserver to gain access to boats and jetty and must be worn at all times.
No Life jacket – No Fishing.
Anchor and nets provided in every boat.
Nets and drogues must be dipped before fishing.
Barbless hooks must be used for catch and release.
Boats must be at least 40 yards away from other boats on the loch and at least 50 yards from bank anglers
No boats to land on shore
No trolling
No flies over 1.5″
Flies must be out of the water when moving position

Outboards can be hired from the fishery but anglers may use their own petrol or electric outboards. **NO ENGINES OVER 5HP**